The Nail Therapist

Be Pampered...

Let's Get Them Fingers & Toes Healthy

My clients know that I promote foot care all year long and winter time is no different. If anything we need to be more mindful of our feet because we keep them wrapped up most of the time.


As a newly Certified Master Pedicurist & Art of Touch practitioner by the North American School of Podology, you can be certain I will be even more mindful of the issues affecting our feet and health. 

So don't be shy, bring those tootsies on down and let me show you how being good to your feet translates into good things for your body, mind, and overall health... all year long.

Always safe and Clean. Serving diabetics and seniors with specialized care. Come enjoy a quite place to relax and unwind, to enjoy some self-care and be pampered from beginning to end.

~ The Nail Therapist

Kanika Guillory-Ashford CMP